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1. If you run in the winter, bring a bottle of hot water and lemon with you instead of regular water. Especially if you have lung problems or asthma as it will increase your endurance if you are getting hot fluids as you run.

2. If you don’t have a treadmill, access to a gym, or hate the gym like me, turn on the TV and run in place. Alternate between buttkicks and kneelifts. If you feel your endurance weakening after a while, jog as lightly as you need to. Just don’t stop moving. Run as long as you watch TV, whenever you watch TV.

3. Jump rope is cheap and you can do it pretty much anywhere that doesn’t have carpet

4. The NYCB ballet workout or other ballet workouts are an excellent warmup before running. Any kind of intensive stretching releases energy and give you more endurance for higher cardio workouts like running. 

5. Don’t eat two hours before workouts. After workouts, eat lightly and stick to fruits and vegetables. 

6. If you’re feeling exhausted, stop. Take a short break. Then continue. Don’t just stop and give up.

7. Come up with a mantra to repeat to yourself when you get bored or exhausted. Mine is “You’ll be okay if you keep going” 

8. Workouts that stretch your muscles (ballet, yoga, pilates, non-competitive swimming) build lean muscles. Workouts that strain or put pressure on your muscles (weight lifting, push ups) build bulky muscles. Neither is harder than the other if done right. It just depends on what kind of body you want to have. 

9. Remember to have great posture no matter what kind of workout you are doing. It makes the workout worlds easier and you’ll find you have more endurance than you thought you did.

10. Sweating dehydrates, so make sure you are drinking water continually to compensate for that water loss in addition to your regular daily intake.

Stay Strong lovelies!!

 Another tip: don’t bother doing sit ups. do crunches, with a medicine ball if you can.

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